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Outdoor Ultralight is a community of enthusiasts focused on ultralight outdoor sports including bikepacking, ultralight backpacking, ultra running, and trail running.

We believe the most important aspect of ultralight adventure is the adventure itself! The beauty of these ultralight sports is their minimalism. Minimal weight means less headaches from huge gear lists and more time on the trail. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

With that said, navigating the world of ultralight gear can be confusing and intimidating because of the amount of choices we are presented with. From which bikepacking frameset is best for an overseas bikepacking trip to which ultralight tent is the most comfortable for two people, the questions are nearly endless.

To simplify your life, we’ve put together comprehensive gear guides specifically for bikepacking gear, ultralight backpacking gear, trail running gear, and ultra running gear. Our reviews are heavily researched, drawing on a combination of our editor’s professional experiences and user-generated, in-field reviews. These guides break down what you really need, and cut out all the B.S.

Aside from gear, these ultralight sports require inspiration. For that, check out our route and trail ideas on where to go bikepacking, trail running, or ultralight backpacking.

In the end, the goal is to help you understand the gear you need so you can focus on getting out on that trail or road that you’ve been lusting after.